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By. B. Shrestha [October 2009]
Suchitra blogs under the name EC (short for easycrafts). She maintains two food related blog, a craft blog and a personal finance blog. She is a stay-at-home blogger presently living in Gurgaon, India. Her entire family is based in Chennai. She loves to cook vegetarian Indian food and learning various crafts. She spends a lot of time on the Internet each day trying to improve her blogs and connecting with other bloggers. She is also busy keep looking for new craft ideas and patterns on the Internet. Beside blogging, cooking and crafts, she loves to travel to new places. She believes that India is such a vast place to cover in one's lifetime.


Simple Indian food
100% Microwave cooking
Question & Answers

[Food-india] What's your cooking philosophy?
[EC] Food cooked with interest and love will never go wrong. Cooking is also an art that cannt be learnt in a day. One should never hesitate to take help from good cooks, cookbooks and other sources of recipes.You never know you might come up with some really interesting recipes while cooking your routine food.

[Food-india] How did you get started blogging about Indian food? 
[EC] Internet was just a source of entertainment for me until my husband suggested that I should have a blog where I can share my craft work. Along with the craft blog, I also started a blog for microwave recipes. The microwave recipes were the ones I had tried out during a 7 month stay in a guest house where I didn’t have access to stovetops and we were not happy with the food cooked there. Also during that period, microwave was being commonly used only for reheating purpose. When we got back to cooking on stove tops, I tried more variety in my free time and felt that I could do more justice to non-microwave recipes. Thus, “Simple Indian food” blog came into existence. I consider it as my online recipe book and am highly addicted to blogging and blogs.


What do you hope people get out of your blog posts? 
[EC] I have seen many people telling that Indian food is very complex, time consuming and involves a lot of spices. Through this blog, I wanted to present the variety in Indian recipes that is actually simple to prepare and not so spicy too. As the name reflects, it has more than 600 Indian vegetarian recipes and except for a few, all the other recipes can be easily tried by a fresher in cooking. So, you can look forward to healthy, new, simple and delicious Indian delicacies all through the blog.

[Food-india] How did you learn cooking?
[EC] Initially I learnt cooking from my mom. Then my mother-in-law helped me adapt to their style of cooking and I learnt a few traditional recipes from her that I had never tried earlier. Even now, my mother keeps giving me ideas for new recipes and also contributes some recipes for the blog. Apart from it, the internet and recipe books helped me to try new dishes. The food blogging community is huge and has exposed me to hundreds of recipes from different parts of India.

[Food-india] Who are some of your favorite food blogs and websites?
[EC] I adore Asha at foodieshope. She is a wonderful person who encourages and motivates new bloggers and of course is a super blogger too.

[Food-india] What is your favorite Indian meal?
[EC] I love paneer dishes and dosas. We belong to Tamilnadu. Since most of our friends like south Indian food, I cook it for them. For family, I try to cook north Indian cuisine as that is not cooked often in their kitchen. I love Mysore rava dosa (with the red chutney). I am not good at making it so I enjoy it at a popular south Indian food joint nearby. 

[Food-india] What are other types foods you like?
[EC] I love only Indian vegetarian food, especially north Indian cuisine.I am very fussy about food and the list of things I don't like is much longer than the ones I like.

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