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Non-Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Non-Vegetarian Indian Recipes Indian food is always known for its wholesome selection of vegetarian food. However, there is also large selection of the non-vegetarian fare that goes along with the meal as well.

  Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhan)
  Chicken Dhansak
  Chicken Hariyali
  Chicken Tikka
  Chicken Tikka Masala
  Chicken Vindaloo
  Manchurian Chicken
  Tandoori Chicken
Lamb or Mutton
  Sheek Kebab
  Handi Gosht (Pakistani Mutton Stew)
  Lamb Curry with Yogurt
  Rogan Josh
  Khorma (Cubed Lamb)
  Pakistani Lamb
Fish and Seafood
  Prawn Curry with Coconut (Shrimp Curry with Coconut)
  Prawn Curry (Shrimp Curry)
Other Meat
  Kima Mutter (Ground meat with Green Peas)
  Pork Vindaloo
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