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Punjabi Food

A typical Indian restaurant in the United States serves a host of Punjabi food. Many non-Indian identify Punjabi food with the Indian food. Punjabi food includes classic favorite such as Tandoori chicken, Naan, parathas, Aloo Tikki, Makke di Roti and Sarson ka Saag and many more. Punjab a northwestern state of India is also known as "the land of milk and honey". Many of Punjabi men are seen wearing big turbans.

A typical Punjabi meal with consist of roti, daal, yogurt and curried vegetable. Many Punjabi eat rice very infrequently and only on special occasions. Punjabi meals usually have lot of onion, tomatoes, cumin, turmeric, mustard, garlic, ginger cooked in pure cow ghee. Milk is a very important part of Punjabi food in its many form such as yogurt (dahi), lassi, paneer, makhan (white butter) and ghee.

In rural India, Punjabi food is mostly served on "Dhaba". Dhaba is a usually self-service roadside food joint that is frequented by truck drivers and travelers.

Tandoori chicken
Makki Ki Roti (Punjabi Corn Bread)
Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)
Aloo Roti (Potato Filled Bread)
Lassi (Yogurt Smoothie or Shake)
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