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Indian Food Blogger Profile
Arundhuti S. Rama
By. B. Shrestha [December 2009]

Arundhuti S. Rama is the face behind the blog Gourmet Affair. Though an MBA by qualification, she chooses to stay had home and enjoy her married life. She lives with her loving husband, who is a Merchant Naval Officer and two adorable dogs. Beside good food, she is passionate about quite a few things in life, like traveling, music, reading, and dogs. She would consider her family incomplete without dogs around her.

Cooking was never essential for her until she got married. Food is religion for her husband. Therefore she started taking pleasure in preparing his favorite dishes once in a while. She doesn't step into the kitchen regularly though, since she takes cooking more as a hobby and a stress-buster.

Being a Bengali, she has mostly lived on Bengali cuisine. However, being married to a non-Bengali, who had and has the enjoyment of relishing almost every cuisine available in the world, she tries to be experimental.



Gourmet Affair

Question & Answers

[Food-india] What's your cooking philosophy?
[Arundhuti] I strongly believe that cooking is no rocket science and whatever you cook with love and from your heart is bound to impress your family. Such has been my experience. Cooking for me is basically a hobby and I indulge in cooking for relaxation.

[Food-india] How did you get started blogging about Indian food? 
[Arundhuti] I keep collecting recipes from family, friends, cookbooks, magazines, cookery shows etc. and have managed to build a huge collection. Therefore when I came across these numerous wonderful food blogs I couldn't resist converting my recipe diary into a blog.

[Food-india] What do you hope people get out of your blog posts? 
[Arundhuti] Every single dish I prepare, I prepare with one objective, that my family enjoys it. I hope the same for my readers too, that they and their family enjoy and relish the recipes from my blog.



[Food-india] How did you learn cooking?
[Arundhuti] I actually started cooking after marriage. So, most of what I know now is learnt from my mother, relatives and of course, some from my husband as well. I also go through cookbooks, cookery shows and I did take a few baking classes.

[Food-india] Who are some of your favorite food blogs and websites?
[Arundhuti] There are so many fantastic food blogs that naming only a few of them would be difficult as well as unfair. However, blogs with unusual recipes, elaborate explanations,  and great pictures draw my attention.

[Food-india] What is your favorite Indian meal?
[Arundhuti] A must in the menu , whenever we have guests over are Pulao (Link 1 or Link 2) and mutton curry (Link) or just Biryani (Link) with Raita. There are certain Bengali and Bihari dishes which are a favorite at home, but I'm yet to learn. I also can't prepare South Indian dishes.

[Food-india] What are other type foods you like?
[Arundhuti] I like most cuisines. However, personal favorites would be Chinese, Continental, Mexican and Thai.

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