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Why do Indians eat with their hand?

If you are an Indian or of South Asian decent, you probably have been asked, “why do you eat with your hands?” by a westerner. It seems weird and uncultured for many westerners to see people eat with their bare hand. Westerners have their fork, spoon and knife, and East Asian culture has chopsticks. Therefore, why does an ancient culture such as India eat with hand?

For those who ask me that question, I ask them back –
“I am always confused what should I use a fork or chopsticks to eat a burger and pizza. After some laugh, I ask them to eat Indian food with hand and see how much more you enjoy it. Eating food with hand is also easier than eating food with any cutlery no matter how used to it you are. Besides, eating with hand forces people to wash their hand before and after eating, which many other cultures do not do.

There are several reasons why an ancient culture such as India would never develops a set of eating cutlery. For instance, this may be due to a lack of resources or lack of need or lack of idea. Whatever, we all occasionally or daily eat something with hand and it is fun eating with hand.

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