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Organic Indian Food
[By B. Shrestha, July 2009]

Organic Indian Food
Photo: Masahiro Ihara


Organic food in India

The awareness of organic foods in India is still low. Few decades ago, one could have assumed that many Indian farmers would be selling traditional, i.e., organic Indian food, primarily due to lack of access to chemicals and other resources.

Now due to affordable proliferation of many chemical fertilizers and pesticides, many Indian farmers are using chemicals to grow food like anywhere else or even more so. Well grown organic food is believed to contain more healthy nutrients than its non-organic counterpart. Also, simply organic food is not just healthy but it tastes better.

Indian Organic food in USA

In United States, look for USDA organic logo for already pre-packaged foods to validity its organic status.

For produce without USDA logo, either get it from reliable source or, at least, wash well before cooking or consuming. Many produces used in Indian cooking, such as vegetable and meat, can be bought at local farmer's market. The USDA certification is a good indication of compliance to organic farming. However, you may want to consider buying produce from small local farmers who go beyond the organic requirements stipulated by the government and yet may not have the USDA certification. Even you cannot use all 100% organic elements to make your Indian food, maximum compliance on your part would give you more benefits than not doing anything.
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