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Coconut (Narial)



Coconut is well known fruit from the coconut palm. Coconut is used in the desserts throughout the India. In some parts of South India, coconut is also used extensively in many curry vegetables. Coconut is used in many ways in India. A fresh coconut can be used to drink milk from it as a soft drink. The grated coconut can be used on dessert or as a component to sauces. Coconut can also be eaten raw. Coconut can used to get coconut oil to substitute as cooking oil or hair oil.

Buying Coconut: A fresh coconut will have lot of liquid inside thus making it heavy.

Opening Coconut: A coconut can be either be open by strong force or can be opened by piercing the `eyes', draining off the liquid inside, heating in a moderate oven for about half hour and opening with a hard blow from a hammer. Use a knife to release meat from shell.

Grating Coconut: Cut off the brown skin and grate by hand grater or in a food processor.

How to make coconut milk out of grated coconut?

1 cup water
3/4 cup grated coconut

  1. Boil water. Turn heat down.
  2. Immediately add grated coconut. Soak for two hour or more.
  3. Blend and strain off the liquid, i.e., coconut milk.
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