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Updated February 2010

Dopiaza is comes from words do (two) and pyaz (onion) because onions are added twice while cooking and some also as a garnish. Dopiaza dish usually contains a meat but can also be prepared with vegetables only.

Dopiaza traces its root to Mughal cuisine and now quite popular in Hyderabad. There are also versions of Dopiaza in Bengali food and Punjabi food. Dopiaza is not as popular as tikka sauce throughout the world but getting slightly more popular in last few years. Often, quite a few Indian restaurants in west and outside of region, serve Chicken Dopiaza or Mutton Dopiaza.

In addition to huge amount of onion, often there is a sour element to Dopiaza recipes. Traditionally, sour raw mangoes are added to the recipe, but now it is often substituted with lime juice.

Dopiaza Recipes
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